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Configuration Menu

  1. Set the name of the lock
  2. You can add an element of description (city etc.)
  3. Choose your time zone, we need the information to set the time in the lock.
  4. You can specify whether the lock is installed on the right or left side of the door (when you are inside). 
  5. Calibration enables your smartlock to count the number of turns to open and close. This must be done after each installation.
  1. Decrease the speed to save energy if your door does not require too much power.
  2. For those who do not have an external handle, it may be useful to extend the holding time of the latch bolt.
  3. The hands-free feature allows you to open the smartphone door in your pocket when you get close to the lock. How it works is described here:  https://help.the-keys.eu/en/knowledgebase/11-mobile-app/docs/45-how-does-the-hands-free-system-work
  4. When you start turning the knob or key, the engine takes over.
  5. This option allows you to not activate the latch bolt. Convenient for those with an external handle.