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How does the hands-free system work?

The hand-free allows you to open the door with the smartphone in your pocket.

  1. Stand in front of the lock.
  2. In configuration menu :    
    • click on “localize” to retrieve the GPS coordinates of the lock   
    • put 100m for the radius (do not go below 50m because the GPS is not always accurate to within 50m)
  3. Register
  4. Use of the system   
    • Move away from 100m and notice that the notification: “exit the area…. ” appears   
    • Come back and see that the notification: “Approaching…. ” appears   
    • The door opens when you are less than 5m away.

Once opened it does not re-open again. You have to get out of the area and then come back in. This prevents unintentional openings.